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This page is dedicated to links and information concerning the ongoing discussion about issues relating to pet cats, feral cats, public health and birds.Here are some links with relevant information.

Study Finds Free-Roaming Cats Pose Threat from "Serious Public Health Diseases"

feralcats.htm link: This links to a special issue of The Wildlife Professional, vol
5, no 1, spring 2011. It is a comprehensive view of the issue from the wildlife
profession. "Pick one: outdoor cats or conservation -- the fight over managing an
invasive predator."

cat indoors campaign ideas.pdf

domestic cat predation on birds and other wildlife.pdf

ecological impacts of feral cats.pdf

Fatal Felines by Ted Williams from Audubon September-October 2009.pdf

Great Outdoors is no place for cats.pdf

Problems with trap-neuter-release.pdf

TNR - the wrong solution to a tragic problem.pdf

toxoplasmosis in feral cats, health risks to humans and wildlife.pdf

what to do about unwanted cats in your yard.pdf

Cats and Catbird Study.pdf

House Cats Study Article.pdf

Public Perceptions Domestic Cats Study.pdf

ABSTRACT: Zoonotic Diseases Associated with Free Roaming Cats.pdf

Quantifying Cat Predation Study.pdf

Link below is an EXCELLENT news report (20/20 video) about the roaming cat highlights a recent study by Dr. Sonia Hernandez at the University of

EXCELLENT charts/graphics for the general public of study results are on
the KittyCam research page,

Note from main page,  "...For our next
phase of research we have designed a study to examine the impact of a stray cat
colony on several avian populations inhabiting a sensitive barrier island. To help
fund this research using KittyCams, contact: Dr. Sonia Hernandez..."

"No good for the birds, but also no good for the cats"; Washington Post article