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When landscaping, please consider how what you plant will impact wildlife, including

birds. On this page we have included some information that could help you get


One good starting point is a summary on the Arkansas Audubon Society website. (Not to be confused with the site you are on which is the Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society website.) This consists of a list of shrubs, trees, grasses, and wildflowers good for Arkansas

birds and butterflies. There is also handy source material at the end of the list.

You can find this summary here:

A more detailed source is a pamphlet produced by Bruce Shackleford, president of

Environmental Consulting Operations, Inc: "Go native when you go green! Making the

right choices to keep the natural heritage of the Ozarks in northwest Arkansas!"

We can't encourage you enough to take a look at this work. He discusses the problems

with non-native plants, why natives do better, sources for native plants, then an

extensive technical list of plants native to Benton and Washington counties, plus a

list of what NOT to plant, and why.

You can find the pamphlet here:  Go Native When You Go Green.pdf