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December 20, 2015

Canada Goose 349

Wood Duck 1

Gadwall 50

Mallard 160

Blue-winged Teal 3

Northern Shoveler 2

Green-winged Teal 3

Ring-necked Duck 5

Lesser Scaup 25

Bufflehead 78

Common Goldeneye 4

Hooded Merganser 12

Pied-billed Grebe 15

D-crested Cormorant 15

Great Blue Heron 15

Black Vulture 106

Turkey Vulture 358

Bald Eagle 9 (mat=7, im 2)

Northern Harrier 2

Sharp-shinned Hawk 3

Cooper's Hawk 11 (Acc. sp 3)

Red-shouldered Hawk 10

Red-t Hawk 66

American Kestrel 16

American Coot 52

Killdeer 38

Spotted Sandpiper 1

Least Sandpiper 3

Wilson’s Snipe 12

Ring-billed Gull 301

Rock Pigeon 508

Eu Collared-Dove 68

Mourning Dove 143

Greater Roadrunner (cw,1)

E Screech-Owl 1

Great Horned Owl 4

Belted Kingfisher 17

Red-headed Woodpecker 1

Red-bell Woodpecker 78

Yellow-bell Sapsucker 23

Downy Woodpecker 67

Hairy Woodpecker 8

Northern Flicker 74

Pileated Woodpecker 10

Eastern Phoebe 4

Loggerhead Shrike 1

Blue Jay 107

American Crow 219

Carolina Chickadee 149

Tufted Titmouse 89

White-breasted Nuthatch 11

Brown Creeper 5

Carolina Wren 82

Winter Wren 2

Sedge Wren 3

Golden-crowned Kinglet 16

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 21

Eastern Bluebird 129

Hermit Thrush 7

American Robin 1017

Gray Catbird 1

Northern Mockingbird 124

Brown Thrasher 6

European Starling 3068

American Pipit 33

Cedar Waxwing 197

Orange-crowned Warbler 1

Yellow-rumped Warbler 33

Pine Warbler 4

Summer Tanager 1

Eastern Towhee 5

Chipping Sparrow 14

Field Sparrow 21

Savannah Sparrow 10

Fox Sparrow 5

Song Sparrow 116

Lincoln’s Sparrow 2

Swamp Sparrow 22

White-throated Sparrow 389

Harris's Sparrow 1

White-crowned Sparrow 61

Dark-eyed Junco 535

Northern Cardinal 279

Red-winged Blackbird 274

Eastern Meadowlark 80

Rusty Blackbird 200

Common Grackle 62

Brown-headed Cowbird 1

Purple Finch 24

House Finch 93

American Goldfinch 140

House Sparrow 90

blackbird species 500

BIRDS: 10,887 birds; 91 species on count day, plus 1 additional count week. PEOPLE: 40 folks in the field, plus 5 at 3 feeders. JOAN REYNOLDS, Carol Sue Wooten, Kyle Allen Jones and Ben, Adam Schaffer, Kitty Sanders, ANDREA GREEN, Jacque Brown, David Oakley, KELLY MULHOLLAN, Donna Mulhollan, Mary Bess Mulhollan, Michael Cockram, JOANIE PATTERSON, Donald Ouellette, Jack Wingate, Alycyn Culbertson, Mike Slay, Bill Symes, Auriel Fournier, Marla Steele, Lea Crisp, MIKE MLODINOW, Neil Nodelman, Daniel Mason, Tim McGee, KIM SMITH, James Morgan, Jen Mortensen, Lynn Armstrong, ANDREW SCABOO, Carole Jones, Brandon Schmidt, DOUG JAMES, Elizabeth Adam, JOE NEAL, Richard Stauffacher, Barry Bennett. At feeders: Sara Caulk, Bob Caulk, Carol Traphagan, Jane Steinkraus, Don Steinkraus.


Here are a couple of way to get started learning about the birds in northwestern Arkansas: 

1. First, get involved in the society's sponsored field trips (see Upcoming Events).

2. Arkansas Audubon Society publishes a handy annotated field list to the birds of Arkansas. This list includes birds from throughout the state, so it includes material not directly relevant to northwestern Arkansas; however, most of the material provides a good background on our birds in this part of the state. To access this field list, follow this link:     Arkansas Audubon Field List 2009.pdf

3. A PDF version of Joe Neal's book "Birds in Northwestern Arkansas: an ecological perspective" is available here:   Birds in northwestern Arkansas

4. How common is a bird in northwest Arkansas and Arkansas in general? Check out Mike
Mlodinow's frequency status designations.

a. Read an explanation of how Mike analyzed real bird data to come up with his

b. Check out Mike's excel spreadsheet with all of the data here.

                                                                                       A Scaboo, B Schmidt, L M-Rosenberger, C Monteiro, J Brown 1-17-2010

         A group at Eagle Watch Nature Area

Irene & Richard at Centerton