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Jacque Brown is originally from Kansas, which is where she grew up.  She majored in Art at Kansas State University, then moved to the Gulf Coast and spent 25 years near Houston where she met her husband, Richard.  They developed a taste for birding and photographing birds as it was the only way they could ID them at the time.  They then moved to southern Illinois and lived there for 5 years until Richard passed away.  Jacque moved here to Northwest Arkansas to be near her cousins and their families.  She met Joe Neal and Mike Mlodinow at the Charlie B. Craig fish hatchery in Centerton and the rest is history.  The history of birds in Arkansas, anyway.  She loves Northwest Arkansas and can’t imagine living anywhere else.



Common Merganser (male)


Common Merganser (female)

Common Tern, with catfish


Cattle Egret and frog